Susan's Systems©

Unique to Lime Green Realty

Susan's Systems© have been created by the owner and co-founder of Lime Green Realty, Susan Rochefort. Susan has spent countless hours, days, months and years perfecting the real estate services she has provided to sellers and buyers in Central Alberta since 2006. The knowledge gained from her experience has been used to create systems which allows consistent standards at Lime Green Realty. Every agent at Lime Green Realty uses Susan's Systems©. These systems are an arrangement of tools and information for sellers, buyers and Lime Green Realty agents which create the Lime Green Realty brand and sets us apart from all of our competition. This consistency ensures that it doesn't matter which agent you work with at Lime Green Realty, every agent will be striving for perfection in your experience using our services. Some of the most critical businesses in the world ensure consistency and eliminate errors in their profession by implementing systems. The airline industry is a good example of the systems that are in place to ensure safety, consistency and managing time deadlines even when there are external factors to contend with such as weather. Just as the airline industry has many factors beyond their control, as a seller or a buyer, there may be factors beyond your control. Our systems aim to make you an informed consumer which will help you manuever through the process, all the while receiving consistent advice based on Susan's Systems©. This is what sets Lime Green Realty apart from our competition; years of experience, consistency with all agents in our office, fair commissions to sellers and cash back to buyers. This is the one time that "Too Good To Be True" is really too good to be true!

Susan's Systems

Susan's LISTING Systems©

Susan's LISTING Systems© has assisted with the sale of over 1000 properties since 2007 with 175 of those sales in 2014. These numbers are proof that Susan's LISTING Systems© deliver results. Our clients say it best "Your input and marketing plan were better than any other real estate agent we have previously dealt with. Thank you for assisting with our sale." ~ Dave & Shirley 

Susan's Systems

Susan's BUYING Systems©

Every agent at Lime Green Realty is trained with Susan's BUYING Systems© which assists you in making an informed decision. Our agents will provide consistent service to you in your home search and will educate you through the process to avoid pitfalls and disappointments. Our cash back program is an added bonus which gives you free money on possession day. Check out our buyers page for more information.