Kindergarten & Real Estate

January 29th, 2012
I bet you are thinking to yourself, "What does Kindergarten have to do with real estate?" Believe it or not a lesson I learned in Kindergarten was put to use in my real estate business.

When we launched Lime Green Realty in May 2009, we became controversial because of our new commission models. Our models are designed to reduce the cost of the listing commission from typical rates while stil ...

Transparency & Accountability (Part 2)

January 22nd, 2012
I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine just a few days ago regarding final signing of a contract and I was surprised in what she said to me. She implied that in her experience, 90% of agents representing sellers did not follow their legally binding fiduciary responsibilities when it came to final signing of a contract and the potential for multiple offers. Of course, the 90% is ...

Transparency and Accountability in Real Estate (Part1)

January 11th, 2012
Did you know in the MLS Rules & Regulations of the Central Alberta Real Estate Association, there is a rule that allows the buyer's agent to contact the seller directly if the seller's agent does not respond within a reasonable amount of time? The rule states:

The Member must make appointments for other Members without delay, (subject to Sub-Section 12.1); (24 hours shall constitute a reason ...