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2018 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

November 1st, 2018

We wish to thank everyone who participated in our Pumpkin Carving Contest this year. We had a very hard time picking the winners for this contest because there were so many great entries to choose from. In fact, we've decided to add a third prize to the giveaways because we felt the submissions were so spooktacular!

We had a great time seeing your carvings. There is certainly a lot of talent o ...

Is The Housing Market Going to Crash Like It Did 2008-2011?

October 23rd, 2015
I’m certainly not an economist but my half optimistic, half realist self would like to believe that what is happening with housing sales right now and for the next few years will not be a repeat of 2008 to 2011. These were the years when we saw buyers disappear and prices hit a decade low. Of course without my crystal ball working properly I can’t be certain but here is my logic.

We all know ...

Press Release: Written Service Contracts Become Mandatory for Buyers in Alberta Effective July 1, 2014

June 16th, 2014
On July 1, 2014, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) will require industry members who establish a client relationship with a buyer who is trading in residential real estate to enter into a written service agreement with that buyer.

RED DEER, AB – Alberta is following in the foot steps of Ontario with changes to section 43 of the Real Estate Act that will make it mandatory for a buyer ...

Press Release: Susan Rochefort Breaks a 23yr MLS® Record

February 5th, 2014
PRESS RELEASE: February 5, 2014

Agent Breaks 23 Year Record for MLS® Sales in Central Alberta

Susan Rochefort of Lime Green Realty sets a new record for MLS® Listings Sold

RED DEER, AB – For the first time in 23 years of Residential MLS® listing sales in Central Alberta, Susan Rochefort, REALTOR® and Owner of Lime Green Realty Inc. of Red Deer, Alberta has sold 150 residential listings in ...

The Best Way to Sell Your House.... Make It Easy for a Buyer's Agent (Part 1)

May 11th, 2012
The real estate industry has gone through so many changes over the last 15 years. One of the most significant is the agent who really sells your home. Back in the day, before the internet was such a big part of business, you hired a listing agent to "sell" your home. Today, you hire a listing agent to market your property and act as your advisor but typically, it is actually a buyer's agent t ...

The Best Way to Sell Your House.... Make It Easy for a Buyer's Agent (Part 2)

May 11th, 2012
Our success with Lime Green Realty Inc. over the last three years is living proof of how making it easy for a buyer's agent can bring great results. In an industry that is highly competitive we focused on commission savings for the seller on the listing side of the commission structure and did not alter the buyer's agent's commission. This strategy ensured that our sellers would save money wh ...

Agents with Attitude: Self-Regulation in Real Estate

April 23rd, 2012
"Such a pitty you conduct yourself this way such an embarrassment to our industry." I decided I would start this blog with a comment that was made by an agent in an email which just might peak your interest as I can imagine you are wondering how boring a blog on self-regulation in real estate might be. I think you might be pleasantly surprised at what this blog can teach you about the inside ...

Marketing Schemes used by Real Estate Agents: Disguised as an “Auction” or “Distress Sale”

March 25th, 2012
There have been times that a colleague in my industry will embarrass me by doing some slimy sales technique and it makes me cringe. Since 2006, I have tried to build a reputation to shake some of the public's image that real estate agents are slimy salespeople. My goal was to show the consumer that some of us prefer to be educators and advisors and manage our businesses accordingly. But six y ...

Secretly Recorded: While Showing A For Sale By Owner Listing

March 5th, 2012
I recently showed a for sale by owner property to some buyers I have been working with for a good 8 months now. About 10 minutes after I finished the showing, I received a call from the home owner, asking me if I had seen his security system in his house. I thought this was an odd question but indicated that I had not seen the equipment. The home owner quickly announced that his security syst ...

Hiring an Agent

February 23rd, 2012
If there is one piece of advice that I could give to anyone looking to hire a real estate agent to list their home, it would be to NEVER choose the agent based on the price they give you, NEVER. I realize you need to get an opinion on price in order to make decisions so do your homework and interview 3 agents and see what they give you for numbers but don't choose the agent you are going to h ...
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